Dental Irrigant

Panvo Organics has been granted a patent for its novel dental irrigant that is EDTA-free. This novel formulation has a better performance while at the same time being less irritating for the patient. The product is currently under clinical trials. Please reach out to us for in-licensing opportunities.


Panvo Organics has procured rights to a novel topical haemostat product that is based on Chitosan. The product has excellent performance in deep wounds. Panvo’s strengths in manufacture of Chitosan gives it a unique edge in being able to bring this product to the market. This product is currently under regulatory clearances and should be on the shelf and every first-aid kit very soon.

Dental Haemostat

Panvo is working on another unique formulation that acts as an excellent haemostat in dentistry. This is a product that is under development and should be put through regulatory clearances soon. Please contact us on